S.E. Wisconsin Inland Waters Fishing Report 06/10/2015


CAMP LAKE – Nice Bluegills being caught in the shallows on small jigs tipped with spikes & worm pieces on a #10 or 12 Aberdeen hook 12″ -18′ under a dime bobber, A few Northern Pike caught near weed edges on crank baits, Large Mouth Bass starting to hit weedless top water baits during low light conditions

CENTER LAKE – Not a lot of reports but a few locals have reported Good Bluegill action in the shallows, A few Bass being picked on on weed edges

CROSS LAKE – No reports available for this week

POWERS LAKE – Reports of a few Bluegill being caught on the south end in the shallows, Decent numbers of smaller Large Mouth Bass in the 8 – 12′ range on jig & gulp combo, No reports of any Walleye taken, A few Northern Pike caught in and around the mid lake humps & deeper weed edges.

ROCK LAKE – Good Bluegill reports coming in from locals.

SILVER LAKE – Not too many reports this week Bluegills still being caught shallow on or near their beds,

HOOKER LAKE – No reports available for this lake

PADDOCK LAKE –  Large Mouth Bass are getting more aggressive near deeper weed edges on Rattle Traps & similar lipless cranks,  a few Northern Pike reported near the channel, Bluegill are shallow but many fish still on the small side.

LILY LAKE – Decent Bluegill bite on the beds, a few reports of decent bass being caught.

LAKE ELIZABETH – (Lower Twin) – Very few reports, Lots of smaller Bluegills being caught, locals report Crappie have slowed down,  Largemouth, Walleye & Pike have been slow

MARY LAKE – (Upper Twin) – Great Bluegill bite shallow but a lot of small fish, A few bass being caught & a report of a 6# Walleye being caught last week at night on the deep side of the mid lake bar.


LAKE BEULAH – Good reports of Bass on Plastics working the shorelines out to the 10′ range, A few fish starting to hit topwater baits

LAKE GENEVA Weather has been hampering a consistent catch or pattern on Geneva this past week. Crappie fishing has been pretty slow, try fishing 10′ – 12′ depths near Covenant Harbor with small minnows under a slip bobber, Large Mouth Bass fishing has been off & on, fish are still being picked up relatively shallow in the 6′ – 8′ range, try a slow presentation with 3: Kalin Grubs in cotton candy, watermelon, smoke or avocado colors as well as 4″ finesse worms rigged Texas style, or a Live night crawler on a split shot rig, Areas to concentrate on are Trinkies, Geneva Bay, Williams Bay, & the Riviera docks. Some Small Mouth Bass are still spawning & being caught in the 10′ range, while others are in a post spawn pattern in 17′ – 20′ depth range.  Northern Pike & Walleye fishing has been slow.

DELAVAN LAKE Bluegills action is picking up, look for them bedding in 6′-8′ depth ranges in sandy areas with space weed growth awy from the slime, try a using a red worm or waxie on a #10 or #12 gold Aberdeen or tru turn hook under a small slip bobber,. Crappie fishing has started to pick up a bit, look for them in the 10′-12 range in the weeds, an effective approach has been a 1/32nd jig tipped with a minnow or twister tail.  Large Mouth Bass fishing has been good, look for fish to be in shallows. Try using finesse plastics Texas rigged or drop shot in areas of sparce weeds away from the green slime. fished slowly. Northern Pike fishing has been about the steadiest bite as of late,  look for fish in 10′-12′ range relating to weed edges or above the weeds, Medium suckers and glide baits worked slowly are picking up good numbers of fish.  Walleye fishing has been slow, reports of a few fish being caught in deeper water dragging lindy rigs with large fatheads or night crawlers..  As of the last couple days the green slime has been less of a problem for anglers, with some stable weather and water temps warming a bit overall fishing for most species will only get better!

LAKE COMO – Few reports of decent Bluegill & Bullhead catches in shallow water

PELL LAKE – Bluegills very active shallow, lots of locals out with their kids shore fishing picking up many small gills with a few nice ones mixed in,

TURTLE LAKE – a few reports of decent Bluegills caught in shallows on 1/16oz jig tiped with a piece of redworm

WHITEWATER LAKEBass fishing has been fairly decent under docks, & on top water baits in shallows out to the 8′ depth range, A few decent Bluegills & Crappie being reported on the south end of Kettle.


BOHNER LAKE – Again the only reports we heard we results of the local Bass Tourney which yielded nice catches of decent sized fish.

BROWNS LAKE – Lots of under size Northern Pike being caught by Bass fishermen, Many small panfish being caught shallow, along with a few Large Mouth Bass.

EAGLE LAKEBass active in shallows on finesse plastics, Lots of smaller Bluegills being caught on small worm pieces 18″ under a bobber from shore, Few small Northern Pike picked up on crank baits & large minnows

ECHO LAKE Catfish have been active below the dam on night crawlers & chicken livers a few decent Northern Pike have been caught from shore above the damn on large minnows & small roaches, Good bluegill activity above the dam.

TICHIGAN LAKE – Mixed bags of Bass, Drum, Gills & Pike reported drifting the 8″ range, Night Crawlers have been the hot bait.

WAUBEESEE LAKE – No Reports available for this lake

WIND LAKE – Reports of a Good Bluegill bite all week in the shallows, small pieces of worm 12″ under a tiny bobber & 1/64th oz jigs tipped with plastics or spikes working, A few walleye being taken in the evenings on outside weed edges in 10 – 12′ by locals


LAKE KOSHKONONG – A few nice Walleyes have been caught trolling the main channel with X-Raps & Thunder Stick Juniors. Catfish action has picked up, some fish being caught on crank baits by walleye anglers trolling for Walleye as well as anglers targeting them with live & cut baits.

ROCK RIVER – Catfish ahglers have been doing well up ^ down the river on stink baits & cut bait dipped in stink bait, A few Catfish anglers also reporting that they saw a few Walleye caught by those targeting them.


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