Wisconsin Illinois Fishing Report & Weekend Forecast 10/16/14

Fox Chain of Lakes

Bass – Find green weeds on main lake weed edges and in many of the channels & work these areas with spinner or crank baits, In the channels try setting up in the middle and casting original Rapalas in black/gold parallel with the weed edges and retrieve slowly yet erratic,  to draw the fish out, In channels with current you will catch an occasional walleye in the process. Also try main lake weed edges, boat docks & any other structure near green weeds.

Bluegill – Good in channels near the  mouth, and around docks & shore stations on main lake, use ice jigs or small aberdeen hooks tipped with spikes, waxies or redworms under a small dime sized bobber,  lots of 6 to 7″ golden shiners being caught in a few of the dead end channels also, these make great live bait for LM Bass, Musky, Pike & Walleye.

Catfish – The catfish bite has been good to very good in channels on the northern lakes & on the river, many  fish being taken with live bait, large chubs, golden shiners as well as cut bait & chicken livers.

Crappie – Are still the Hot Bite in many channels on Channel & Catherine,  A thin balsa stick bobber about 18″ above a small gold Aberdeen hook with a free swimming (no split shot)  lightly lip hooked is a hot presentation as well all spike tipped tube jigs, Also reports of nice crappie & larger gills on main lakes break-lines suspended over deep water on Lakes Marie & Bluff, jigging spoons or slip bobber. minnow combo’s are working on these fish.

Musky – Musky fishing has been steady to good, reports of a few nice fish been coming in, including a fat 49″ fish caught on Lake Marie. Troll or cast weed edges,  a common method is to float suckers while casting but we ptrfer to catch some golden shiners or roaches as we call them or even some perch  and rig them up on a quick strike rig and let it swim around while we cast cranks or glide baits.

Walleye – The walleye bite has been fairly good and will only get better until turnover,  Find areas of green weeds adjacent to deeper water on lakes Marie, Bluff & Petite, add some current to the mix and work these areas by twitching or even jigging rattle trap, rattlin raps, jig & minnow or jig n gulp combos also, also running baits like x-raps or husky jerks parallel to the weed-lines is a deadly presentation this time of the year, do not over look channels with good current as well as creek mouths.  With the cold front expected this weekend also consider trolling long lined cranks like reef runners or shad raps to locate active fish.

White Bass – Good areas to try are Bluff Lake and also the Bluff-Spring Lake channel by the bridge and on the river, early morning and late afternoon.  Tip a small gold hook or mini-mite jig with a small minnow Spinners and Rooster Tails are also working well.

Fox River – White Bass & Walleye both active in the swifter current, jig/minnow combos or rattle baits for the walleye, white spinners for the stripers, Catfish have been very active on large minnows, cut baits & chicken livers.

Lake Michigan Waukegan –  Prior to all the wind & rain good catches of cohos and kings were being reported in the harbors with a few reports of 30 plus inch Northern Pike being caught,  the few reports we received today have fishing a bit slower with some browns and steelhead taken on shrimp, spawn or frozen shad off piers.

Lake Michigan Milwaukee – Same here Yhe high winds and poor really slowed the fishing. Reports of  few chinooks and browns were caught by pier anglers fishing on the harbor side of the pier. The heavy rains and rising Milwaukee River got a push of fish, but all reports coming in are slow with few fish being taken.

Lake Michigan Racine –  A few nice size king salmon were reported in the Pershing Park boat harbor during the week on black/silver flicker shads. Brown trout and kings can be seen stacking up in Reef Point Marina, lots of fish jumping but fishing has been slow, The few fish bein caught were on skein fished on the bottom, Root river has been rather slow also.

Lake Michigan Kenosha – Reports of a few Brown trout being caught in the harbor,

 Delavan Lake Report from Dave Duwe  The lake appears to be starting to turnover.  The water temperature has been right around 57-59 degrees. As the fall moves on,  the bigger fish will put on their feedbags and the biggest fish of the     year will be available for catching.

Walleye fishing has been very good.  I’ve been averaging 10-12
fish per day.  I’m catching them on a jig and minnow or a jigging Rapala, The best depth has been 24-28 ft of water. I’ve been fishing mostly main lake points.

Smallmouth Bass fishing has been improving.  I’ve catching the fish  off the main lake points, intermixed with the walleyes.  The best  depth has been 18-22 ft. The best approach has been a  split  shot  rigged  extra large minnow.  Look for the fish by  Willow  Point,  the Village Supper Club point and  by the Yacht Club.

Bluegills remain in the main lake basin.  They are suspended about
10-12 ft down in 35-  40 ft of water.  They are being caught on   a split shot rigged leaf worm or on a gold Hali jig.  The best location  is  by the Village Supper club or by Willow Point.

Northern Pike fishing has been improving.  The fish are in the  shallow weeds. The best depth has been about 15 ft of water.  You  want to use medium suckers fishing on a slip bobber.  The best locati  on has been by Browns Channel or by Lake Lawn Lodge.

Good luck and I hope to see you on the water.                    For guide parties,  please call                                              Dave Duwe at 608-883-2050

 Lake Geneva – Fishing Report from Dave Duwe 

The fall fishing patterns have started to materialize.  The smallmouth Bass and the Perch are starting to bite.  The water temp has been in the upper 50’s and I don’t believe the lake has turned  over yet, but it should occur in the next week or so.

Smallmouth Bass fishing has been good.  They have been both in the
shallow rocks and just outside of the spawning flats.  Most of the fish I’ve caught have been by Elgin Club or Belvidere Park.  The bigger  fish are coming out of the 21-22 ft depth range. The best   bait  has been either extra large fat head minnows  fished on a  split  shot rig or Carolina Rigged green pumpkin tubes.

Perch fishing has been good.  The problem has been finding the
bigger fish.  For me the best depth has been 12-15 ft of water. Look for them by Gage Marine or by Belvidere Park.  I’ve been  fishing for them with slip bobber rigs and large fat head minnows.

Northern Pike have been biting in the weed flats in Williams Bay or
Fontana.  They are being caught on extra large shiners or medium
suckers.  Fish for them using slip bobbers about 2 feet above the  weeds. This bite will be improving as the fall moves on.

Rock Bass fishing has been slow.  The fish are a lot more sporadic
than typically.  In Geneva, where there is an abundance of rock bass,
the fish are becoming scarce.  The rock bass I’ve been catching have
come off of split shot rigged fat head minnows.

Largemouth Bass  have been a bit slow.  They are being caught in 4-6ft of water along the shore.  They are being caught on white spinner baits or chrome/blue Husky jerk baits.  Once the piers start to be  removed, the fishing will improve especially with the lake turnover.

Good luck and I hope to see you on the water.  For guide parties,
please call Dave Duwe at 608-883-2050

Powers Lake –  The panfish bite has been good,  Crappies with a few Bigger Gills being taken on deep weed edges in crappie town, and on the deeper slope of the shallow hump, Northern Pike have been aggressive on cranks baits and large minnows on top of the deeper weeds, Havent heard many reports on bass this week but we did manage to land a pair of chunky cookie cutter 21″ walleye on jigs rigged with medium suckers in 20′ of water just after dark last night.






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